Saturday, January 21, 2012


Comforting Thoughts

Hand made sympathy cards are always hard to make.  As you are constructing them you feel the pain and loss of the recipient.  But it is important to acknowledge the loss.

This card with a Victorian feel will convey your thoughts.  The card is navy with a white picture frame die cut.  A light blue angel print is placed inside the corners. Out of a square white lacy paper doily fashion an envelope, trim the bottom flap with a pearl button and embroidery floss.  The message stamped on a little card fits inside the envelope.

Inside the card, a sentiment is stamped on white and adhered to the card.

Another loss besides death is the person going through divorce.  That loss hurts as much as death.  And although it may be hard, it is so important to keep in contact with that person after the obligatory casserole is delivered. 


  1. This is so pretty. Did you make it?


    1. Thank you. I make all my cards.
  2. What a beautiful card - and that you thought of the person while making it is even more special.
  3. What a thoughtful card/idea. Do you do a lot of handmade cards? xo Diana
  4. That's beautiful. In this age of technology and social media, I think handmade cards/letters are a lost art.
  5. To receive a hand-made card when you're going through a tremendous loss would be very comforting! Beautiful card! Hope you have a nice weekend!
  6. Thank you so much for your comments and prayers! You are greatly appreciated. Kerrie♥
  7. That is a very beautiful card. sandie
  8. Due to the worst service possible of Russian post, in latest 70 years the tradition to send postcards (specially handmade cards) died almost totally.
    That is why I am amused and glad to see the tradition lives in other places!
  9. I cannot even pick out a sympathy card without crying. Making one pushes me to the point of nearly endless tears.
  10. You sound like a very special friend.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Under the Weather

Seems like everyone is sick, some with a cold, some with the flu, some with bronchitis.  So to send a little cheer, I made these two get well cards.
This is a simple card made with just layers of paper--a black diagonal print, then a green solid, then a computer generated text (got a frog in your throat?).  The frog is a green rectangle with a patterned paper rectangle on top.  The eyes are two while circles punched out with little black punches.  The cheeks are two larger circles embellished with a red mini brad, and then tucked under the rectangles edge.  The zigzag mouth is drawn on.

Everybody loves Ziggy!  So this card with Ziggy under the weather is sure to bring a smile.  Again easy peasy.  Blue card base with a get well helpers patterned paper.  Ziggy is stamped, colored, cut out and popped up on a blue rectangle which is also popped up from the patterned paper.

When you have a loved one or friend who is under the weather, send them a card and bring a little sunshine to them.


  1. So cute! John and I are fighting sinus stuff. So is my daughter and her husband. I think we all caught something from her son because we all have the same symptoms. Nice to see your cheery greetings :)
  2. Really cute! I try to send little love notes to those that are special to me- sometimes for no reason at all. These are cute cards here- xo Diana
  3. These are so cute, escpecially the frog one, really clever!

  4. Hello ...
    Nothing beats a handmade card!...
    it's nice to meet and follow you.
    stop by sometime.

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina
  5. Those are really really cute - you ought to start an Esty Store and make some. sandie
  6. Either one of those cards would make me feel better! Very cute!
  7. It's that time of year! The sinus/cold I was fighting through the holidays is catching up with me a little too. I'm still being stubborn with it though. But I still have the little stuffy, little sore throat, little headache, but it's all little so far. Benad5ryl is my friend at night and lots of tea during the day.

    The get well cards are very cute. They made me smile!
  8. What great ideas for cards!
    Sometimes, I cut out good photos of dogs and then tape them to the front of another card, and then write on the inside it, "Doggone it,
    you're too nice to be sick!"
    Yes, that is really the kind of thing that I do, corny maybe, but people remember things like that!
  9. You are one talented lady!
  10. Adorable. Almost makes me want to get sick if I knew I could get a cute get-well card like that!
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